Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #7"

huhu is hilarious

very good man...

i'll see the part one, for a best understanding...

see ya

Pretty funny...

This movie is pretty good, the graphics are OK. The humor is very good, I love the part when the wigger starts talking, with the subtitles.

The movie is just a bit short if you ask me, still awesome movie, but it could use some more action too.

And 1 more thing, I loved the voice-acting, the fat black dude's voice is hilarious!


=Good Points=
You truly have an amazing sense of humor my friend. Possibly the best around here. But your series is going on Ep.7 soon to be 8 and it's still kickin'. I really enjoyed it animation, sound, graphics, humor everything was done to perfection. Not much more to say but keep up the great work man.

=Bad Points=
None needed, although it left me hanging. Can't wait till the next Ep.

This is a pretty good series.

I love this serires. Do continue, they are really good.