Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #7"

some voices were bad

I am not a security guy but I also wanted to hit him in the face just for talking like that. Eeeeewwwww! X-[
But the story was... funny, I think :-)


Damn.. a cliffhanger, It's all good tho, cant wait for the next episode. Keep it up.


Few tips phoo!

Gangster rapper getting shot, good pun.

Episode should be little longer next time.

But most of ALL!! More Bumpy!!!!!!! He needs more air time baby!!! :p

Sonna've bitch. . .

Man i hate the ending. . . .now i wanna see the next one. NOW!


Freakin' sweet. Definitely NG material here. Graphics had it's own kind of style and the sound was done very well. Haven't seen Part One yet but I will check it out cuz I love this!