Reviews for "xKore - Muff"

sweet beats

Yoll old and young THIS IS DUB
artist take a lesson from my pro friend here
This is dub genius and i need more
Any1 who thinks they can do dub needs to take a lesson from you bro
pure skills pertruding from this beat congrats
Your fan

you just blew my fucking head off

i promise, im going to drop this at the show i do next weekend. yes.

Great stuff

I like it a lot. Awesome sound, keep it up


Songs like this are the reason why you are one my very fav artists on here (I have a very select few). Now where is my plane ticket to Jamaica?

Did you made a tribute for Bob Marley?

(This mean it looks like Jamaican Electronic Music). Nicely done xKore! Again. I will use this song for an YouTube Project. If you don't like my idea, just answer me!