Reviews for "xKore - Muff"

this is just DOPE

great work i dont know but jamaican music is great with dub


Your music is some of the best i've ever heard in my life, but you are so unfriendly and hard to approach about music tips lol. The only time you respond to a review is when you're mouthing off to someone. That attitude isn't helping your popularity much...
Anyway, 10/10 and 5/5

xKore responds:

hey man, if you need any help with music stuff just shoot me a pm, a few people pm me about music, and im usually happy with helping them.

and yeah i understand what you mean, its just that recently i was getting those reviews scoring me low because of the genre i put my music into, and that kinda got under my skin. but yeah, thanks for the feedback bro.

It's like a reggae Dubstep

Awesome Sauce

Muffy goodness

Me and Mr smiley face are pleased again. :D


This has to be the most unique dubstep song I've ever heard. It has a reggae feel with a heavy beat, and the dubbing bass is just perfect. I know the chances of you changing it at this point are about 0%, somewhere around there, but I would love to see how it sounds with some steel drums thrown in during fill sections.