Reviews for "The Banshee"

what is this garbage

wow do people like this its just someone talking theres nothing good about it

Bla...blabla...blablabla blabla...blabla blalbla..

Just dead movie with no movement.....I prefer go to bed.....

P.S: Pere KOMMANDER! Raconte nous une histoire!!! Raconte nous l'histoire du Sergent "MassacreGueule"!!! S'il te plaiiiiiiiiiit!!!

the graohics were the only good thing

the graphics were nice, but the story was boring, and everything was so slow.
and that music was so annoying!!!
well, its not like a good horror movie, its more like a failure.


the fucking movie sucked! i dont give a fuck what anyone else says cuz everyone is gay to me so yea. but the fuckin girl was supposed to sound like she's irish or sumthing right? she sounds like fuckin miss cleo on crack! the movie was wack and it made no sense. sorry buddy but your movie is gay. really gay!/ yea.

blam this piece of crap

fucking boring shit