Reviews for "The Banshee"

Wonderfully done

Very accurate and tasteful way to present an old folk tale. I throughlly enjoyed it.

An experience...

I have heard this before, and set to your flash animation...I'm at a lack of words to describe what I just saw. Its fantastic, very creepy...these descriptions dont do justice to your film. Thank you. And to those who watch this, welcome those chills it sends down your spine.


Damn, man!

This movie gave me chills! Good work.

holy mutha fucker

that was so hellsa cool! fuck, i loved it!

Without a doubt the best shaggin

Re-tellin of the Banshee I've heard yet! Subtle yet just enough creepiness to have yer hair standin' on end.
Brilliant work with the dark shadows, use of glaringly sinister light floating around creating a perfect tension.
Truly enjoyable.