Reviews for "HP: Victoria's Secret 2"


"HOW TO COOK ANYTHING" lol funny shit man funny shit also i think vneed to hit puberty lol his voice craked :P over all gj man

Really Great stuff!!

Both parts were excellent, but I would give you a 10 just for the Evil Dead props you gave! Shop smart...shop S-Mart!!


It's been a long time since I've seen a clever Harry Potter parody, so thanks for that. I liked the character designs, and the lip-syncing was very good. Keep up the good work.

Hurray for Prt. 2!

Hehe...Sorry I couldn't voice for it =( Mabey on the next Pale Flash!
Snape should of had a MJ in his cloak!

excellent series coming along here

I love Harry Potter and so can appreciate this for what a wonderful parody of the series it is. My only complaint is that it was occasionally hard to hear/understand what the characters were saying. I hope you continue this. I would love to see how it all comes out here. I love how you caricaturize the characters. The artwork is excellent and the humour is funny, at least for the most part. Excellent work!