Reviews for "HP: Victoria's Secret 2"

voice change

why did the voice of voldemort change when he pulled out the cauldron did you change it or something

You know...

This would be a lot easier to rate if I could actually F*CKING GET IT TO WORK!!! PLEASE FIX, NOW!!! Thanx.

just2pale responds:

my automatic response is to laugh at your stupidity... .. and I did.

How rare!

You dont normally get a comedy this well animated!

Sound quality still sucks but were made up for

Just fantastic with all the spoofing.
Sound quality still needs fine tuning to get rid of that grating quality.
I like the way you drew Snape. Big-nosed and yet somehow charming.
Sean Connery earned you back a point.


Hah, coincidentally I rewatched the LOTR trilogy just two nights ago, and it's great to see it mixed with Harry Potter in such a hilarious way. Yay for Gandalf and Dumbledore. Snape is ever-so-charming, with his resourcefulness and all. Say, if Voldemort's got a thing for Harry, perhaps he did the nasty with Harry's father before killing him? Just a thought. ;)