Reviews for "Kill Eric Bauman Game"

pretty good, couple suggestions

compress your audio... this shouldnt be more than 2 megs tops. i didnt bother with the starwars credit opening... good call on the skip button

RuffusJones responds:

Dude!!! the intro is the best part...i spend an hour working on it....probably should have taken 10 minutes...but i decided an hour of my life was perfectly worth it. i suggest you load up the game and watch the bloody intro.

that was great.

loved "potato canin acid trip"
love this
my only complaint is that at the begining, the star wars credits were a bit hard to read. make them go slower by making it take up 1000 ish frames. althogh, i am verry disopointed that my flash movie was blamed, now that i see somone elses work the star wars begining does tend to drag on as almost everybody who reviewed my movie said. also you could straighten it out so it isent so slanted.

RuffusJones responds:

LOl it was over 1000 frames

I LOVE this

you should submit it to ebaumsworld and see if he puts it up, that would be the shit if he did. by the way, thank you for being our champion of justice.

RuffusJones responds:

a solem tear has just rolled down my eye...thankyou

Now THIS is Classic Newgrounds!

I remember this stuff when NG was just starting out. This is pure classic flash goodness. Your loader needs a little tweaking, I thought it was done loading and it kept right on going! Well animated and well presented. And the music from FFX-2 was a good choice for this as well haha! Just fix up that little hiccup and we got something for the collections! Thanks for submitting!


Hail! Hail! Hail!