Reviews for "Kill Eric Bauman Game"

Finally! a game where I can kill Eric Bauman!

Great game! finally someone made a game for us to kill this bastard, this should have an award athleast a reviews crew pick or something like that great game! DEATH TO EBAUMS WORLD AND ERIC BAUMAN!


Finally we can kill eric bauman....this game was fun, especially when just pressing that button as fast as you can....i think we need an anti-bauman section on ng.

great one

you sir, RULE!!! I (as well as many people) have been waiting a long time for a game like this one. i'd laugh my head off is this one ever got onto his site. this game was just awesome. it was a little repetitive in some spots, but damn it felt so good! this is one of the best anti-bauman animations/games ever made.
great job on this one, it definitely was justice! hope it wins an award or two.

This is more like a Beat up Eric Bauman

I like people who fights back.You need more than one more to kick the shit out of him like kick or something..... well that it for me
Good job

Needs more work.

GIVE HIM THE ABILITY TO FIGHT BACK!!! then we'll talk about interactivity.

Slow down fatalities so we can see the gore,

and that's about it.

not that bad. ^_^