Reviews for "The Tutorial Collab '06"

Really helpful

Even a flash veteran can learn something from this. I personally learn a lot of trigonometry. ( i will have this in school soon :P)

Very Stylish and cool, but some stuff isn't working, (examples in trigonometry), better put some code :D


This is...just...

That such a thing like a tutorial could be made into a collab...and that you are bringing Photoshop in...true awesome. :D

This review is now constructive because I say so.


Nice stuff, I learned a couple things

Great tut!

Thanx I learn alot from this! Only problem is the same as the guy below me, whenever I enter the code for "simple rpg" it comes up with 5 errors -_-"

P.s this helped me draw better characters even though I still suck at art lol

Thank you

Hopefully now I'll be able to get some ideas translated into animations.

Thank you forever.