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Reviews for "The Tutorial Collab '06"


I have waited all my life for this

Depredation responds:

Lol, i've waited 2 months for this :). Anyway, thansk for the review :).


And it is HERE!
The biggest, greatest and most beautiful tutorial your eyes have ever seen. That just makes you feel like hugging everybody who took place in this collab, esspecially you, Deperdation. You made it happen :)

Submissions like this deserve a score above 4.05. *sigh*

Once again, i just feel so damn proud of this...

Depredation responds:

Same :). I hope the score doesn't drop. We need a daily ast if we want the whole $500. Anyway, that doesn't really matter :). I just hope people learn somthing.

Thanks for the review re2 :).


best of the best

Good things-
Your font was good. It had alot of atmosphere, which is good. I love themed tutorials. lol its a big tutorial i got lost the first time i saw it but its just me. The tutorials worked (the dozens of about 600 pages worth) ya i didnt want to stay there for days. lol, i dont think ill ever see every page! overall awsome!!!!!!!!

Bad things-
It could of had alot better music and it was annoying. I gave you a 10 because it was clear, but you couldn't added alot more types of music..... but other than that it is the greatest tutorial ever!

BTW; I may start a tutorial collab: how do you do it? Does everyone do there share and email an attachment then the leader saves it as a document then adds it to the tutorial? well anyways! 5/5

Depredation responds:

It depends on the collab :0. If it's a movie, you just give each author a section of music they need. If it's a game, like this, make a template file and people can build of nit and give it to you.

Make sure you have a 3+ BA to start one though :).

Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll improve on those on teh collab '07 :).


Just some advice

in the Simple RPG in basics you are told to name the movie clip "Player" the coding you then copy and paste in the rest of that tutorial uses the instance name "player" couldn't figure out what was wrong for a while:S anyways great job


hell lot of thenks to you.