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Reviews for "The Tutorial Collab '06"

I love you!

Yeah, you did an awesome effort here!

Everything was pretty well explained, maybe there were some weak parts, but everything is cool, and nicely done.

You covered lots of stuff. The basics have been overdone, but Intermidiate and Advanced covered many interesting things. I like the fact that you have showed some games!

Also, all the Photoshop and all the other programs stuff, was pretty well explained too. Maybe a bit too simple, but it's ok.

The graphics were good, easily clickable, and the music you chose is swell, and not annoying. The menu was easy to follow, you did a great job with it.

So, overall, a great and awesome tutorial! I hope you get frontpage, and the higher honours! :D

Depredation responds:

Haha, cheers :). It'd be nice to get a 4+ score, i've never had one of those, lol. Thanks for the review, i'll improve on all of those :).


it the motherload of all tutorals!!!!!!
if..if ...i had your power....i..could
COUGH!...but for real thoe, this was really help
man...you did a very good deed.
exenet job

thanks to you guys...

...i now have an animated bat cursor in my DS Halloween Quiz!
(Submission 31st Oct 2006)

This thing is a godsend for flash newbies...

I'm making a website using Flash. It's my first time using flash for something other than a useless doodling program. It contains everything i could want to know!

However, i would like to point out an error in the button making tutorial. When you AS a button to get it to go to a frame that has the desired content, you don't type in "gotoAndPlay". It's gotoAndStop. gotoAndPlay will not just bring up the targeted frame, but go through all the other frames that comes after it in the timeline, unless you have independent stop actions in between, though it's easier to just have the one on a separate layer in the first frame.

I should know, i spent 11 hours trying to fix that problem with my buttons after being confused about why yours weren't working for me.

Other than that, i couldn't ask for a better tutorial, and newbies such as myself are indebted to all those who contributed to this flash. Thanks guys!

Thank god for you

Finally, everything I need in one. And it MAKES sense. I thought I was challenged because I couldn't make a button, and I stumbled upon this and it saved me.
Thank you, I'm a beginner in flash and I KNOW I'll be using this often.