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Reviews for "South Park 502 Part 2"


Awesome next time please could you make the sound louder I just gave you 10 for sound cos I felt like it.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Sound lounder, you bet. Thanks! :D

Wow! This is just like a real South Park Episode!

I was totally amazed by this piece of work. The Art and Animation looked beautiful. The Characters and the backgrounds look exactly like the original South Park Episodes on Comedy Central. The Voices were exactly the same as well, quite weird. There was a lot of Comedy in this flash and I love Comedy in a Flash. The Funniest parts was when the news reporter puked up his intestense, the use of the Shit Word, and all the shit going that is going on in this flash. I really hope that you make a Part 3! Overall, this flash was Shitty and I enjoyed watching it! Shitty Work! ;) Responses are gladly appreciated. :D

GRAPHICS: 9, The Graphics looked Awesome. I must say they look exactly like the original South Park Episodes. This is just Incredibly Shitty! lol!

STYLE: 9, The South Park Style of a Flash is Brillant. It looked just like a real episode. Ah, the good old memories back then watching South Park on Comedy Cenral.

SOUND: 10, Just plain amazing! The Voices sounds the same and the music was South Park original!

VIOLENCE: 10, I swear, the Violence int this flash is outrageous! Shit Talk, Puking intestense, etc! I could go in forever!

INTERACTIVITY: 2, A Play Button and A Replay Button!

HUMOR: 10, This made me laugh a lot. There is so much shit in his flash! Hand in your SHIT! lol!

OVERALL: 10, A Shitty Flash by Carmel! Shitty Work! ;D


PS: Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

omglongreview thanks for your shitty time!! A very shitty review :)
Sorry no part 3, i'm capoot ;)

isn't this kinda stealing the episode?

good job but.. like... this aint your work, u just re-animated it. this could get u in some serious shit. no pun intended.

i hope u dont cos obviously ure good at animation

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks, and umm.. Yes I guess this is between stealing and not stealing, but if someone redraws a famous artwork is it stealing? I hope not.

My fucking god dude.

Beliee me when I say this looks exactly like the episode. I had trouble telling if this was actually the real episode or not ^_^
The mouth movement were perfect, dude. I can see how it would be fucking hard to make this. Must've been a bitch to animate it...
You have my 5/5 as a vote and 10/10 as a review. Good job, man, I really loved it. Favorited.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thank you so much!
Actually, I hope this lip syncing (a total of 8 minutes of lip syncing in total that I animated in flash) exersize would help me with my life ambition, being a 3D animator.



carmelhadinosaur responds:

I'm done with flash untill I'll get money for this :D
Ok but seriously, that was a biatch to make. Thanks for the 10!