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Reviews for "South Park 502 Part 2"


That was great, but ...

KENNY ISN'T DEAD YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Not yet. Thanks


Your quite an artist.Brilliant graphics on part one and two of this remake.Making peoples mouths match must be hard work.You kept everything the same as the episode so far.Good luck on part three

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Wee hee, thanks! :)

Shit!That was cool!

Shit!That was really cool!When's the next shit part gonna be done?

carmelhadinosaur responds:

I'm sorry to say that there won't be another part, but it was good while it lasted :P

that shit was amazing

that shit was the most fuckign amazing shit i've ever seen! i mean shit! whoa it was great n shit and all that other nice shit! make more of these awesome movies 'n' shit!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Wow, shit! I thank you shit! I'm glad you shit.

great parody

lol really well done, deserves some sort of award..

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Hehe, thanks you!