Reviews for "The Koopa Hunter"


you know...it hard to believe that steve is dead. ya' know?
well anyway good job

Poor Steve

Haha, just by the title I knew this was going to be a great parody. This was a great dedication to him. Something I really enjoyed. Haha you made the stingray into a pirahna. It wasn't anything bad, since you did give him a nice ending saying we will miss him which is true. Thanks for making this movie, I really enjoyed it.


Poor Stevy :(. Besides Steve, Nice job. And nice job making me sad agian, you suck :(. Oh and Mario was reatredly funny. Lol I love mario. Will he die next?!??!?!

very nice

this was very good and a danm good tribute compared to some of the crap i have seen on here... keep it up ... You will be missed steve

Very Nicely Done

I htink this is a great way to tribute Steve Irwin.

In a funny, yet respectful way.

The animation was quite smooth, and I like your story.

Good job!