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Reviews for "The Koopa Hunter"


that was sad relle it was... im a steve irwin fan myself and i miss him so much...and for all u fuck heads out there who want to make fun of him FUCK YOU steve irwin is the best man that ever lived on earth and you should be thankful about it not make fun of him and for those who want to make fun of him go blow a fucken elephant cause ur not makin any1 laugh...

anyways nice flash...

cool one

of all the steve irwin-related animations, games and assorted flashes that have been hitting the portal as of late, i think this one had to be the best one to watch. it may have had more of the mario vs. koopa theme to it, but it was well worth it though... very entertaining, amusing and you put a pretty good effort into it, therefore making it fun to watch.
nice work.


a tribute i can enjoy, i dont want a slideshow, this is the kinda thing i want! humour in death CAN be nice

great job, maybe make some longer ones just for the fun of it :P


Nice job using sprites.
The humor was also great.
The only thing it lacked was length.

Plz make more.

yeah it was a good short movie

well it was all great and well done for marios text you would at least add a stop and put a button to continue on bah dosent matter