Reviews for "Streamline"

Fun but Pretty Hard

The farthest I got was when the yellow cannon came up. It was more challenging than I thought but that didn't get me frustrated like other games. Please make another game with another song.

Coolio-Niato responds:

will do.


HAHA this game is awesome! it makes me nervis though hahaha but its awesome keep up the work!

Wow amazing and really fun

Nice! Can you email me the song you used for this game? If you could that would be AWSOME!!

playing it all the time

awsome game man! Good graphs, good song, very stylish, interactivity....10!!!! I laughed sometimes....overall 10!!
And who the hell is this moron below me? Whats his name? "Ultimate...Idiot" I think. What the hell?? This flash is one of the best flashes ever! Stupid nerd.

Read Below For an Explantion

Graphics: Ok, but not the best. Try using filters nextime.
Style: Very original. Nuff said.
Sound: That was a song? Try optimizing the sound. The sound quality was horrible. Don't say there isnt anything you can do about it.
Violence: I dont consider cannons, mashing walls, and a pacman snake-thing trying to attack a note to be violent, though my music teacher would consider this "Cruelty to a Musical Note"
Interactivity: You choose quality and move around. Not very in depth, but u really got the interactivity for all it was worth.
Humor: Nothing.

***OVERALL*** 3. This was a good game, but it looks like you didnt take your time to make sure everthing was ok.

*Improvment Suggestions*
Try to make sure the song is at its best quality.
Add a difficulty setting. Not all people can complete this.
The triggers for the crushing walls are set too sensitive. This makes it so if you touch even the smallest bit of it it sets the wall of and u lose lives. Turn it down.

Coolio-Niato responds:

:O. That is an unfair score. a 3? The song IS that way, that is wat it is like STRAIGHT from the album. Difficulty setting? Many successful games survive without that. Take alien hominid for example, it starts off at a tuff difficulty first time u play it. Sensitivity on the walls? Puh-lease. You cant chage sensitivity! I used a freeaking shapeflag hitTest on ONE co-ordinate of the music note! You cant get less "sensitivity". You prob dont even kno wat a hitTest is due to no flash in the portal. And i actullay did take my time to make everything ok so that FOUR HUNDRED AND ONE (401) PEOPLE added this to their faves! So you should not judge this just on personal opinion with no experience in flash or other things suhc as the song and assuming there is a better version. Also how is there no interactivity? The game's cannon's follow you, only the crushers that are in your range attack you, and everything in the game responds to wat u do! THAT is interactivity.

So yes your rating, i personally think, is unfair.