Reviews for "Streamline"


very fun. but song beginning whistled a bit. Hope to see another one.

I enjoyed this

Fun game. I especially like how you encorperated all the aspects of music and song into an obsticle course for the user.

The music was great and animation was spot on. I didn't notice any bugs with the game at all.

General game play is relentless. Make a mistake and you get hammered.

What I suggest is that you encorperate skill levels, where you use different songs/beats to co-respond to the difficulty. This will help build something like a level system, just incase the user wants to 'tone' up or down their level of play.


I loved this. Took me a few tries but I solved it with 3 lives left.
The secret to the final part is to go in a circle, i found it to be quite easy then.
Make another one, but don't have any speech because it sounded really gay in this one.

good one

that was a pretty interesting game. the audio in this one was pretty cool, though at the beginning it was a little annoying.
overall, it was pretty cool.... glad to see it win an award and get on the front page.

Luved it

This is a really fun game, a nice time-killer, i really enjoyed it, and played through just to finish the song, whistling along. And like the last submission, please make another with a different song, i can send some songs that would probably work well with this style of gameplay (i also have a more advanced one that would be pretty fun to play). So uhhh yeah good job, make another :P