Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"

Veeeeery nice

When I heard the intro, my first thought was, "Bleh. Probably put a ripped MIDI through cheap synths..."

Then the guitars kicked. Consider my mind BLOWN.
My one complaints are there should have been some rhythm guitar during the guitar vs. synth solo, and the solos were just a tad sloppy. Otherwise -- FLAWLESS.


Good god, This is amazing. I love how it starts with the original tune, then goes COMPLETELY APESHIT While staying on topic, then for like a second plays the original tune, goes apeshit again and closes it off epicly.

Mind blown, good work. 5/5 10/10


This just goes to prove that angry music is the best! Very well done Burn7, I am in awe of your brutality and excellent choice of a remix. It makes me remember the good old days. ;_; TT.TT

Lance is badass.

And so are his pokemon. Especially his second team from SoulSilver. Damn them, they even took down my lv.100 Groudon! Should have brought another pokemon for backup i guess. :P


This was me while it was playing:
Beginning: Mm, this must be just another 8-bit remix (starts typing in search bar)
Guitar starts playing
Oh........ SHIT!!!!!
Listens entranced.
Awesome song, luv the HG/SS OST original!