Reviews for "EXPGEN"


This is nice. I'm making a series called Legend. It sucks though, 'cause I can't upload the file on here. Enough about me, this was a really cool game. Try making a V2 if you can.


loved the game man!

This is great so u can make....

This is great so u can make your own great game and play it. So u can win or lose make it tough or easy. Also easy to desgin ur own game. Great use of monsters and coins and textures sort of super mario style.I give it 10/10..... :-)


I like the game its good but allow us to put our code thingy

This game is really good

I have made 4 levels in a saga i call: GTA sonic adventure. i'll post it soon.

ps: Sheaer 20 I beat your level on my first try. ^_^