Reviews for "Four Second Frenzy"

crazy madness

awesomely random good fun :)


I've played thousands of flash games..But this is one of the few I remembered...great game


Annoying at times but it's good.

HIGH POINT: The sign behind he guy in "Drink teh booze!" that says "Animators are made funnier by saying pedophile" or something, the guys head is in the way

How fast paced!

I had no idea that it was even possible to be able to come up with so many games. The hardest thing was that I just had no idea where to start with some of these crazy things! If anything, it is a great way of testing your reaction time. The ones that were easy were obviously the ones that were more enjoyable for me. I love the one with the red blob that just wiggles everywhere because that is just so easy to win and I have no idea how to even play it! You guys definitley made a real test for us players.


Great game. Reminds me of Wario Ware on DS.