Reviews for "Four Second Frenzy"


A great idea and a lot of the games were awesome, but some were flawed because the creators didn't stick to the "4 seconds" rule. Some are literally impossible to complete in the alloted time, such as the keypad combination - certain combinations (give 9182 a go) were impossible due to the speed of the hand. Resulted in a few ragequits during Sudden Death.

Think im too chill for this one..

Without yayo or speed this = impossible to me. LoL. Fail. I got a glimpse of a few of the games. They seemed ok. As a whole, after 50 angry fails, give the game a 7. Mainly for the effort involved.

Also... The tips and tricks item in menu is a dead link. Just so ya know.

i hate these

always have always will

This one is EPIC!)

I wish there were more then just these two games(
I love them)

best game

this is the best game ever!!!!!