Reviews for "Spinestep"


You know, there's a difference between Dubstep and Drum & Bass of about 30 BPM... This is closer to Trance than Drum & Bass. Alright though, I will admit.

Flamingweeny responds:

Thanks for explaining the obvious
Alright i will put it under dubstep... -_-
And trance? It's not the bpm, it's the style that counts

Later Captain O

Like a F@#$in chainsaw!

Very VERY interesting. As I'm tryin to make a legit metalstep tune, I found this extremely inspirational, quite good in straight up dirt. Reminds me quite a bit of a bass that I made lol. I feel like the bass maybe could have used a slight bit more character, or wideness; it felt a little dry, but it was nonetheless quite good. I'm also a little bit unsure of the transition you made in the middle of the song (2:20ish?); if you just kept it humming on that deep C, you woulda had something ridonkulous lol (well, maybe...I'm not you, after all lol). The ending is also kinda sloppy, as there's somewhat of an unnecessary break, and then back into the same bass that continued for the previous 2 and a half minutes. Overall though, the song was excellent. I especially loved how you combined the vocals with the distorted, guitar feedback-ish bass. It made my day. Thank you for this cutting, chainsaw song! Keep up the good work bro; I can see that NG is FINALLY starting to produce some dirtier bass! =)

Flamingweeny responds:

true, the transition on 2:15 is a bit weird...sounds more like a mix of 2 songs
and i guess i will look into this one again ;)
thanks man


fckin great man, loved those wobbles,what did you use for those?

Flamingweeny responds:

a cat, sum butter and rusty nails


this shit is dirtier than hitlers gas bill! Props man

that is...

that is one DIRTY dubstep song. actually, a great filthstep song. Since what they call 'dubstep' on this site is quite mediocre. this sounds alot like Datsik or Borgore or Funtcase. Pretty good shit bro. Filthier than skinny dipping in a sewer.