Reviews for "Spinestep"


you mofo! Nice job! Wish I could make dubstep like that !


MAN now THAT is some dubstep! Made my spine tingle! True to its title! LOVE the scratchiness of it! NICE WORK!

Flamingweeny responds:

mission accomplished :) thanks

Wow that voice = shivers

Man you are on to something here!!!!!

Great stuffff normally not my style but this i like!

10/10 5/5

Please return the favor on my new song: Getting to know you?

Flamingweeny responds:


bro holy fuck

its so badass!!! i was just thinking about how nobody makes dubstep n i find this!!!!
u are pretty damn good, u obviously got original sounds. id like to collab but idk if im good enough, besides im just all excited lol.
its so scratchy sounding but not ear bleeding bad. which is awsome, name fits it too. i downloaded it

Flamingweeny responds:

thanks man :)