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Reviews for "My Destination"

Keep Going!!

I'm a huge Sonic fan, and one of the things I feel make the game is the music. I've heard quite a few mixes of this song, but nothing comes close to this. It feels just like a final battle should. Epic,Suspenseful, and full of that feeling you get when you're not only so close to beating the game, but knowing that failure is not an option. Consider this fav'd, DL'd and iPod'd! Can't wait to hear more!

not bad!

super song NemesisTheory!!!


I loved how fast you were able to get this started. It really does have that classic sonic feel. It wasn't too repetitive as most video game songs tend to be so plus there.


has ever been such an !!!!!EPIC!!!!! song?!

7 years has passed... wow. And i still keep coming back, amazing man