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Reviews for "My Destination"


another great tune NemesisTheory. i love it the guitar is absoolutly brilliant. what games have you wrote music in the xbox arcade for and i can check them out to hear what else you've made? all your songs also have a point in it where it just plays violin and i love that the most about your songs, you also have like some of the best effects. keep it up and i cant wait till you get famous (cause you definetly will!)

woah holy crap

wow its like [age of war] meets [zelda] meets [the settelers] and they all have a crack baby together!!!!!!
flipin amazing good work make more

Sonic the Hedgehog eh?

Excellent remix. I dunno why, but this also reminds me of MMX. I am still loving the tunes, keeps me up and awake and ready for action. I find no problem, as always.

So you've been working for a videogame company, about time your talents will be known throughout the world.

great remix

its one of the best accidental remixes ive ever heard XD
great remix 5/5 10/10 ^^

Impressive Piece of Music.

Might consider using this for my Brawl music hack replacement.
Wii Hacks FTW.