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Reviews for "Zelda Rap"

rap is still crap next to rock.

systems zelda song is better but that was good. a 7 over all you!

It's ok.

That reminded me of The Gold Crow's verson of the Zelda rap but that had the origional 8bit sprites in it. This verson may have lacked in background but at least you kept the concept legit. And 1980's will never go sour, and I hope it stays that way. If you like to make another verson, I suggest you add more background and more work to it. I give it a fair rating.

Some sprites...music...entertaining.

The biggest problem I had with this was the lack of backgrounds and original artwork. The other thing is that the music did not sinc with the video. Make sure the song audio is set to "Stream" and not "event".


That actually wasn't bad, I thought it sinked up well. Not a work of art or anything, but worthy of recognition.

A decent first attempt, but...

As has been pointed out by other reviewers, the animation is lacking. That said, the music could also be improved upon. The rap was alright, but it was out of tempo with the Zelda theme. I'd either drop the theme form the soundtrack or redo the rap so that it fits better. As it is, it's just really annoying. However, all things consider, it's not bad for a first submission.