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Reviews for "Zelda Rap"


lol that was hillaryous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOL ROFL LOL ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!make more make more!

Bad :(

Graphics: Those Link sprites are cool ^^
Style: Idk what to say :/
Sound: That song is rlly old, but its cool.
Violence: Omg an arrow hitted Ganondorf O_O
Interactivity: 0
Humor: 0

So... what can I say about ur movie?, well... it sucked :/. Put a background, a music more agresive or something so it will be more fun.

That rap was terrible.

I only gave you two sound points because of the opening. Though it's honestly not a horrible sprite movie, you should think a bit more before you make these.

not bad

i have that background music (minus the rapper's voice) on my computer (though it says the author is Weird Al Yankovich). nevertheless, the music was good and the graphics weren't terrible (though we probably didn't need to see his crotch as Zelda was coming down). i give this flash 1 1/5 thumbs up.

very clever

but rock is better