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Reviews for "Fantastic 4 - Doomsday"


I'm glad to see some marvel parodies, and some decent! marvel parodies. I am a fan of the 4, an even bigger fan of doom, and i loved it!


Hahaha, as a fanatic of the Fantastic Four, must say you captures the comics essence perfectly...the whole family speech, and how Reed comes up with a device at the last minute to save thier asses....Classic

plus I like the inclusion of the other Dooms....but FYI, Ultimate Doom no longer has hoofs, that was just weird

--- Funny as Hell!---

This is better than most Saturday Morning cartoon shows! Very entertaining. Please make more!

It's just great!

Man,I love your creations!
If you would make something about New Avengers...I'd just love it :)


i've seen all your marvelporodies and i love them. please make an avengers parody!!!