Reviews for "Upstairs"

Thanks for this

Hey man. You really captured the life of an indie musician in this animation. Im glad you made this, its really inspired me to write for my album today. No matter how bad things get, music gives the world beauty.

Thanks again man. Your one of the best newgrounds ever had.

Five-Iron responds:

Wow. Thanks bro!

I hope you find happiness in your artwork.

I'm not nearly speechless

Quite the opposite, in fact. This flash was, to say the least, amazingly amazing. Mind-boggingly great.
And now, enough with the adjectives.

To give you an idea of how great I think this flash is and was, I can tell you, that I've only made this account to review it. And not only for the neat music and nice graphics it had, do I think, that it's so horrendously fine, no: Also because I've had a depression for the last one and a half year, which ended with me falling in love and things being fine and all again. And what I experienced thence was exactly what you described in the flash. The boring, grey everyday suddenly turned colorful and magical (as a matter of speech).

So anyway, a flash for my heart. Thumbs and fives up.


This is incredible, and just became my personal favorite flash animation, period.

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks Man :3

Inspirational, amazing....

and a thousand other words meaning "AMAZINGLY AWESOME!"
You two really pulled this off, with brilliant music and dazzling animation, great job!


This animation is beutiful. The minimalist music goes quite along with it. The message is very joyful. This animation is very enjoyful and the artwork is quite unique. Good job. Original and pleasant. Great music choice too.