Reviews for "Upstairs"



very unique. i loved it

i think you really captured how a person can get into "the zone" when you're playing music. and those little red guys were like the people in that musical world. really cool man. i want more

wow i havent seen a good moive in a long time

good job!!!

Really really awesome

You got the color schemes perfect. I'd have to say that you really make art not shitty, meaningless crap. I hope to see more stuff like this in the future.

Only one word...

...comes to mind when seeing this animation, and that's "Wow". Your work is incredible and if you really do have intentions on going to Full Sail, you'll make it no problem.

One thing though; I was in a trance after watching it and the laughing totally killed it. ;)

Five-Iron responds:

Good. Welcome back to reality.

In the silent awe and wonder...

Words truly do fall short here. It's pieces like this that assure me that Flash is the next creative frontier, providing a freedom from the financial obstacles and market-oversaturation of film. Thank you, and God increase.

Five-Iron responds:

Being a flash guy, I will say I highly doubt flash is the next frontier. It's good for kids though.