Reviews for "Happy Together."


there needs to be more toons like this they all seem to be voilent adult only toons and stuff when im looking for something like this.

Randomly Hilarious!

__The Good__
I thought the animation was very smooth and the lip syncing was perfect with the song. A great style to this flash, a music video that was completely random! The song was just perfect with this flash. The song is just so catchy! I also thought it was hilarious. It was just so fast paced, that's what made me laugh.

__The Bad__
I thought the graphics could have been better, they were alright but definately could be improved. Some more violence and blood would have been nice too. Just having some guy be randomly stabbed would have been hilarious!

__Over All__
Over all this music video is really funny. The animation and style of this flash was great, and the song was just awesome. Next time you make a flash like this be sure to add some more violence and improve on the graphics. Good job making this flash, keep up the good work!

FrozenSheep responds:

thanks for detailed review :D. I did this about a year ago, so that would explain the bad graphics. My art style has improved alot since then (check out my DA page to see it if you want) (http://frozen-sheep.devianta rt.com/)

about the violence though.... I don't really think it would have been neccesary. but if you want you can go fullfill your blood-lust using video games.

peace :D


Are they pants...


That was hilarious. The animation wasn't too bad, but I understand that you submitted this when you were a lot less experienced? It was funny.


Simple and comical. The graphics are all smooth and unique, and the concept is a great one as well, love it. Really can't get much greater than this, keep up the good work!