Reviews for "Happy Together."


Man that song is just so catchy and funny. I remember the That 705 Show episode with that song in it. By far this is your best submission. Very good animation and like I said a catchy song even though I hate it. Nice job.

FrozenSheep responds:

sweet, dude you a 70s show fan?...well anyway thanks for the review man. but i have to say my best subbmision is "The Nothing Flash"


Even if its just stick figures or whatever, its still awesome, I love the song as well. This deserves to go on to front page.

I love this!

This is an awesome flash! The song & characters blend so well together. I sang with it all the way through. Had me dancing in my seat. Adding this to my favorites. Please do more similar to this. Would really love to see more like it. Very nice job! Keep up the good work.


there needs to be more toons like this they all seem to be voilent adult only toons and stuff when im looking for something like this.

.........I've seen this before.

Yeah. Are you resubmiting this or something? I've seen it before.

FrozenSheep responds:

uh, yes because when i first submmited it it was about midnight i didint get that much hits because at midnight only people looking for porn, porn and more porn are on newgrounds. And it seems to be working, cuz i'm getting a way better score than the last time.