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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"


I beat this game in about 4 hours and i had a really great time playing it.If you had more quest and items you could sell this off as a console game.The only problems i found with this game is that sometimes your character will get stuck in buildings bushes,etc.and you need just a few more quest and with the last boss you need to have enemys or somthing cause just going in and him being right there was kind of a let down.But overall i had a really great time keep making'em.

awesome game!

the only thing to complain about is,why are there no trees in the forest? and the sound didnt bother me i thought it was a good song.

Great Game, you must play it

A Diablo clone you said?
Exactly! And that's what make this game such fun.
I'm not saing this is the best game aver, but it is sure a good one.

Grphics are simple and effective, it makes you want to see more.
The game mechanics are simple too, you'll only need a couple minutes to fit into controls. Only magic system would need a quick fix, spells seem useless, at first.

If only you had more sidequest and thoughter main story quest.

I keep looking for a better, longer sequel, i'm sure it could be even better ^_^

Rawks my Sawks

Realy good...the anim is smooth graphics are good, good storyline...But i think the wall thing can be worked on...i mean...can't a person just ...not walk into the wall and get stuck?..Gotta work on that...Other than that its great game...Highly reccomended! =D

Best Flash RPG

This game has got to be the best rpg you can find without having to download anything. At times it gets fairly easy, but it picks up at the end, and it has solid gameplay to (hopefully) keep you wanting more. It has a few minor downs though, such as the wall glitch, linear gameplay, and inability to level without doing certain quests over and over, but I still think this game is really good.