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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

i love it period

i love this soooo much i will play this until i have every spell and skill as well as equipment (that i can get) and until then i will vote 5 every day

P.S lvl16 and counting!!!

Absolutely Astounding

It was definitely pretty awesome, though i read somewhere that it couldn't be completed in one sitting...yet I managed to complete the game in a mere 3 hours. Not as lnog as I had expected, but still amazing work. Keep it up.

wow...i was pretty ot impressed...

didint take that long @ all to beat...maybe im jusa gamer god? xD

urgg couple things tho that need to be fix

1.the falling in the walls

2.A WAY TO TURN OFF THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.if u attack the person run -turn arond & attack agian u can kill them with no dmg delt to u

4.theres a big glitch hahahaha first of all the king must be a jew because he jewed me off good items!...the things he gives u is poop

i think what he gives u should be godly-er than what u can buy

second of all theres a glitch to get all of the items the king offers


ill tell u ^.^

before u go on the mission to slain the head mage save the game

then kill the mage. get the things the king has to offer then close the game

when u reload ur game ull have nothing on but ur basic gear BUT ull still have all the things u bought plus wat the kind gave u...then u redo his mission & get the things u didnt pick last time

it was pretty good tho there just minor things


Very nice! Keep it up that way , I'm hoping you're making Athalina 2!

I found a bug

Overall this is a great game. I found one bug however, if you go to the bat guy (the one who gives you 500 gold) and say start, then hold down space bar, you level up. I got to level 60 and I had so much defense I was invincible.