Reviews for "M&L: A tale of 2 brothers"

Very funny

As a Mario fan, I love your show. Maybe add more things to make it funnier or better graphics then it will be very good.

"well not for me"

it was actually quite good for a first flash. ive tried flash and failed miserably. it was funny and an ok story line. i enjoed it and wanna see the next part of this.3/5

couldve been better

The flash was ok, but the speed was a bit choppy other than that, it was Good!


Don't listen to the douche bag below. This was a good piece of work for "a first time". The sound was spot on, but could have been tuned up a bit. The graphics were ok. Overall a little improvement won't hurt. I thought it was great considering it only had 300 or so k.


The sprites were edited horribly, there was no plot, and this wasn't a game. Please practice more before submitting to Newgrounds.