Reviews for "M&L: A tale of 2 brothers"


That's a real good flash. Just make a second part. I want to know the end hehe. Oh and, the text was a bit too dark in some backgrounds. Try to put "bulbe" or just put some sub-titles.

Great work again.


Awesome! I get my sprites from the spriters recource too... although, i never submitted my flashes because (A) they suck (b) I CANT!!!!!!


Cool sprite and its very cool that you added sound to it and that youve made part of the sprites i think that this one could make it and its too good to be your first one keep up the good work!

hehe i liked it

but you need to make it smoother and make them actually going through the level, or put a to be continued

Good Sprite Animation, For Once

Coooooool! Most of the time I hate sprite animations, but I liked this one, ya!