Reviews for "Mario the Emo"


For some reason I imagine Mario throwing Luigi out after he tried cheering him up cause when I'm depressed I dont like really peppy people around me and I would have thrown Luigi out and drink a bunch of pepsi or eat a bunch of icecream! But it would have taken more then just that stuff to make me depressed!

meh........ it's okay but the things that bother me alot: 1: if he got hit by a goomba he could hit another question mark block and get a mushroom again 2: if the toad thing got him feeling emo, he would have killed himself by the end of smb since it happens 7 FUCKING TIMES 3: in ssbb you randomly trip all the time! 4: he sing's a WAY to generic emo song.

six flags dance for the winnnnnnnnnnnnnn
(look it up on youtube)

so funny :D