Reviews for "Mario the Emo"


It was okay. I thought the close up part was good. And I love the part where they were dancing (well, he was dancing) and there was the funny music and flashing lights (Woo rave!!! TIME FOR SOME MOSHING). It mad a good point that some people are overly senitave. I mean really, wah I fell, wah she's gone for a day, wah wah wah. You know what, deal with some real sadness for once. If you think it's okay to just slit your wrists whenever something stupid happens, you'll lose all the blood flowing to your brain. Whatever. I overall liked it. I'm just kind of wonder why Mario is so pale. Last time I checked he was Italian, not goth. Ha 8 pointer from Sophieeeee. XXX

How could that happen to mario?

Hey u guys shoulda mentioned that hes been screwing the same princess for like 20 plus years thats pretty sad too...but at least hes screwing lol also daisy does anal lol..

lol rotfl

awesome great


wow this is hilirious


Being an emo i have my reasons but i must say some emo have no reason at all to be so sad. It made me cry tho it remind me of what my mate was like before she killed herself