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Reviews for "The New Tetris: Dvie"


I didn't recognise it from tetris, but that dosnt matter, because its got a great sound as it is. Turn the volume on your crash symbol down a bit. If you listen to it carefully, you can hear the other instruments go quieter when it sounds. Oh and dont play chords on a hellstorm guitar, Find Hvyguitar on NN-19 (or was it nnxt.. cant remember). Anyway, keep it up, fellow reason 3 user, there needs to be... HOLD ON A SEC. YOUR NIVI. Bah, i didnt realise. What a bizaare coincidence.

Jhalkompwdr responds:

Now THAT'S irony.
It's from the NEW tetris (N64)
Thank you, that was the kind of advice I was looking for.
But, uhh, there aren't any chords on the hellspawn... oh well, i know what you mean. I'll shove an ampeg fliptop in.