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Reviews for "The New Tetris: Dvie"


concidering its not done its really good and ps
could you sent me the link to for your mixer? mine sux


liked the melodies and stuff but you should try and branch away from just using straight reason factory presets as it was pretty recognizable what patches you were using.

This is Tetris? Ahh well, good song anyway.

I don't seem to remember this song (maybe a complete remix?), maybe because it's in another genre, but oh well. Actually, now that it's playing for the 3rd time, I'm remembering SOMEthing, but mmmm..... nothing.
It does sound like Tetris material, but I just don't know. The song is pretty good either way, so I'll rate you for that. I just can't seem to remind myself of this..whatever.

Great job on the song and keep 'em coming!


Very awesome!

I love this song, that's why I used it my Flash submission.


Good start.

Can't wait to hear this when it's finished. :)

Maybe you should make it loopable so artists could use it for their games.

It did seem a little slow in parts (or my poor excuse for a pc was being stupid again) and a bit more bass might help.

Jhalkompwdr responds:

Thank you or your advice, bit the speed is constant. Reason won't even let me change it mid-song. :'(