Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"

This was great.

The good-=-It was hard, and it was fun. The graphics were great. the choices had funny ends on them, depending on what you picked.

The bad-=-Nothing was bad at all.

Going on Fav list.

very fun game

I FINALLY beat it! yay i only needed help for one thing. I'll just give a couple hints 2 help some ppl...bottles are good weapons....i hate getting "screwed" with change......and sometimes bums need help from their "crack" addictions.. thats all i'll say.... final scene is kool.. AWESOME animations GOOD JOB


This game is really good!
But can someone PLEASEEEEEE please please help me and tell me what you do after you smash the bottle at the start.
I'm a bit slow... :(

your movie

i can see y dis movie is the best out of 50 i thought the first johnny rocketfingers was good but this is NANG!!

One hit KO!

Johny Rocketfingers is my idol... Game is better than Final Fantasy ('cuz i don't play FF)... Anyway... I don't have words for this game...