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Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"


I dont understand why i cant get the lighter! i followed your guide but when i put my mouse on the lighter it doesnt show it! please help me!

Great Job!

This is an amazing work of art and it's funn as hell. I totally dig the Monky Island references! Rock on!


Really nice game, I love it!

I'm gonna give it a 5/5 mainly because of the difficulty

P.S. Can someone help me?!
I'm stuck, and I don't know what to do, I try to go to the china guy, he kills me, And I can't seem to figure anything out!


So help me God, that was perhaps the most wonderful flash game ever conceived. Awesome work, keep bring Johnny back! Bravo.


This has every bit as much quality as those old games from LucasArts; the graphics aren't as nice but there's great attention to detail with the interaction between objects. It's a different style for sure, but I like it. Like other adventure games it gets frustrating (stab the clerk with your knife! Ok, whip him with your chain! Beat him with a lead pipe? Arrgh!), but the humor keeps it light-hearted.