Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"

... GREAT GAME such a good one

I really loved this game make moreee!

It's the Shizz!

When I played the first Johnny Rocketfingers, I couldn't wait for the sequel. It was a very good game. Graphics improved alot from the first one and it was longer. I liked the fact that Johnny would say something, no matter what you do. Now I can't wait for the third. You better get started.

Bloody Brilliant!

Work of bloody art... some bits were realy funny also... bloody genious! Very hard tho... up to the croc part i kinda just gave up and if u look at the reviews u will see sumone posted a WALKTHROUGH! lol ENJOY!


This was one hell of a game! Can't wait for 3!!

Dam thats good

awsome game but pretty hard.