Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"


this is a cool game. plzzzzzzzzzzz make johnny rocketfingfers 3

flippin A

this game has always been one of my favorites, ever since the original.
its just flippin A amazing.

great game !!!!!

great game make JRF 3

that was immense..

although i didnt expect the ending to be that soon lol.. but still a great ending and for all those people stuck.. u have to hit the croc with a pipe using the cheeseburger.. think that one through.. and u use chain and gum on the lighter.. ull get it .. and for the dude with the coin problem.. pic lock the parking thing:) ok .. i think that covers it..btw cant wait for no 3:)

here is what you need to do in the game.

1. Get bottle on ur right 2. Use bottle on countertop and break it 3. Get ashes on ashtray 4. Use ashes on thug 5. Get the card on the ground 6. Pull the chain on ceiling 7. Take the knife on the wall (on Johnny Rules) 8. Check under the couch 9. Use the key on the window 10. Take the gum at wall under the window 11. Combine the gum and chain 12. Go down the ladder (right of the pigeon) 13. Check the trash can (mm.. old bread) 14. Go to the liquor shop (with annoying gay japanese guy) 15. Pick the bottle of forty 16. Use the bottle with the crack on the wall 17. Get the bottle from other side of the wall 18. Give it to the bum (he will fall asleep) 19. Get the bums can and steal the money (hehe) 20. Go back to Liquor shop 21. Get the Fizzy tabs at the table 22. Talk to the STUP1D J4P4N3S3 GUY and buy it 23. Combine the fizzy tabs with the bread 24. Go back to the pigeon, feed him with the bread, and make him explode 25. Check the nest 26. go down the ladder and use the hairpin with the parking meter 27. Talk to the hooded mysterious guy 28. say u need information from Thug Inc. 29. Agree to the lil favour 30. Use ur knife with the drain next to the hooded guy 31. Go down 32. Go up 33. Go to the alley, you will note a guy throwing a bag of trash 34. Rip it with ur knife 35. Go back to sewer 36. Use the rench in the pipe 37. Go inside the hole 38. Put the hamburger outside of your hole 39. While he eats, u bash him with the pipe 40. Use the wrench on the wheel 41. Turn the Wheel 42. Use the SINGLE quarter with the panel to unscrew it 43. Use the knife to open the panel 44. Use the G2 button with the missing button 45. Press the button 46. Keep walking to the left till you see a trasure pile 47. Use the chain and gum to get the lighter at the top of the gold pile 48. Leave sewer 49. give the lighter to the hooded guy 50. Walk left till you see a bus 51. Use the lots of coins you have with the bus 52. Go to the thug hideout 53. Sit back and watch the ending!
your welcome.