Reviews for "Johnny Rocketfingers 2"

NICE! I loved it

If you don't pay attention to detail this game ain't for you. Make sure you look around at everything slowly so you can pick hidden items. Otherwise, great game.

It's good. ^^

A good game to play once in a while. =P
It is better than the first one as it's a longer game~


yea this game is by far my favorite game on this site, heres a wlkthrgh in case ur stuck cus i no i got stuck a couple times nd witout this walkthrgh i dnt thnk i wlda beat it, i didnt actually rite cus, well fuk tht lol, i copyed it off gamesmaster2, so here u go

Bar: first u get the bottle nearest to you. then click on it and use it on the counter. it will smash.
then take the ashes. use the ash on the thugs. after the scene look at the card on the floor

Apartment: you must collect several items. get the chain (lightbulb), use the fist on the "under the couch" you will get a key and a quarter. look just above the couch, there is a knife, get it.
Use the key on the window. you will get outside.

Outside: look on the right of the sill, get the gum there. combine it with the chain.
then just go down the ladder. go left first. you wil see a bum (no not a behind) look at his sign. then go right till you get to the store. go in the door. there is a 40 oz bottle. take it. then use it on the crack, then go outside. go right til you see the crack. use the fist on it. you will get the bottle. use it on the bum. he will pass out. take his money pot. go back to the store. take the seltzer. go to the clerk. talk to him about the pills. you will buy them. go outside. go to the bin. use the fist on it you will get a bit of bread. combine the seltzer with the bread. go back up the ladder. use the bread/selzer on the pigeon. it will blow up. then take the shining object. it is a hairpin. go back down and use the hairpin on the parking meter. then go right till you see the shady looking figure. talk to him. ask him for info on thug inc. he'll ask you to find his lighter. first use the knife on the gutter. go down it. click on the drk cave (not the hole) a croc will jump at you. go back up the ladder. go into the alley. a bag will fall from a window into the dumpster. use the knife on it. then go back into the sewer, use the wrench on the loose pipe in front of you. . go into the large hole. use the hamburger on the outside of the hole. the croc will eat it. use the pipe on him. he will corner you. use the SINGLE quarter on the panel. and use the wrench on the wheel. check out the panel. there is a missing button. use the scrabble tile on the space where the button would be. then turn the wheel that you used the wrench on. press the makeshift button. the croc will be washed away. go LEFT when you get out of the hole. you will see lots of treasure. this is where the gum/chain is used. look at the treasure till you spot a silver zippo lighter. use the chain/gum on the lighter. then get out of the sewer. talk to the shady guy. tell him you found the lighter. get the info off him. then go left till you see the bus. use the money you got from the parking meter for a ticket.

Now you are at the hideout. just follow the sign that says "GANG HIDEOUT HERE!"
game over, nothing but a long cutscene


it's cool, it's action-packed it's Johny Rocketfingers, m8 get to work on no.3 and make that one a bit easier plz. if not, call fox and make a movie

this is suppish!!

it has got a lot: gameplay, story, humour, fight scenes, difficulty of the puzzles, all big plus!! even the ugly baby from JR1. But if u make JR3, plz add more suppish/not suppish scenes!