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Reviews for "Pico vs Bear"

great but hard

pretty good, but very hard


Great game but how do u beat it?


Corrupted Bear in the Big Blue House...funny idea. :D

Awesome work!

That game was so awesome! I spent several hours playing it over and over again! Oh, one of the times I beat it, I found a glitch where I fought the boss twice, and got 58 out of 44 bonus points. To get the 44 bonus points, shoot out all the windows in the beggining, kill Piss + Poop, shoot the mouse when he's throwing grenades, then get to where you're inside the house, kill the white thing first, then the bear, (Shoot the bombs when you see them) shoot the dead people on the first floor. Get the ammo, go to the room on your right, shoot the light, then shoot the body in the corner, then go to the Kitchen, shoot the windows out, shoot the dishes on the shelves, shoot the animals, afterwords shoot the microwave and the sink. Anyways, great game, I enjoyed it very much

A good classic by a legend

While I like Pico School back then, now that I know how to play it, Pico vs. Bear is even better. To recap:
1) Just hide and shoot... come on, y'all played GeOW, right? Also, the nades can be shot.
2) Kill the white thing first, then the bomb canister and teddy
3) The shadow is eating your health... but shadow depend on its source. take that source out
4) Kitchen: He can't be shot, but can be shock.
Now that I managed to get through it, I now know how to do my Pico tribute... Thanks, Tom Fulp!