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Reviews for "Pico vs Bear"

couple questions

1. Why is that f-ing mouse so hard to kill
2. How exactly do you get bonus mayhem points?

its like marmite you love it or hate it!

I really like this game its good for dealing with stress when you feel like kicking ass!
Oh and for those of you who are stuck here are a few tips:
In the kitchen, you need to shoot the sink so that it floods and the microwave with the furbie so that it explodes and kills the stupid bear!
And after you defeat ho-joe bear go to the right and shoot out the light before the shaodow eats all of your remaining health, you will then get full health afterwards.

Make more pico games!!!


it told the truth. it was tricky to kill the bear with out exploding. but now since i best it i just go for mayham bonus beat 44! hah!


how do you kill him in the end? i've tried everything!!!! some one help me!!!


wow, this is too good for words. hard but fun!