Reviews for "Meet Pico Clock!"

Knew it was gonna happen eventually

I just knew they were gonna have a Pico clock, glock, block, or something along those lines before Pico day ended. Anyway, the humor wasn't anything new. Come up with something other than stupid sex jokes.

p-i-c-o-c-l-o-c-k responds:

It was a pube muppet parody.

damn you!

sorry, but i cant pass anything with the pube muppet

p-i-c-o-c-l-o-c-k responds:


ohh man... =[

this is one vid im disliking-----
not to be rude or anything but this vid sux.... =[

well, as long as u had made your first already----I DONT EVEN HAVE A FLASH MAKER

=[ =[ =[


ROFL.`nuff said