Reviews for "Meet Pico Clock!"


i cannot say i liked it
i cannot say i disliked it.
so ya. there ya go

Nothing great

It was actually kind of irritating. I wish that you used subtitles in this so that we could understand the characters better. Also I could enjoy this a lot more if you threw in at least some frame by frame animation. Also some music during the movie wouldn't hurt. As well as improved backgrounds. I found this kind of dull and not very funny. I understand that it is your first but it is a bad start. You should have at least tried to do some frame by frame. But you didn't and well. This turned out badly.

1 / 5
What on earth did I just watch?
And how on earth did it got an average of 3.5?


ohh man... =[

this is one vid im disliking-----
not to be rude or anything but this vid sux.... =[

well, as long as u had made your first already----I DONT EVEN HAVE A FLASH MAKER

=[ =[ =[