Reviews for "Spiegel der Vergangenheit"

Das ist ganz nett

Gute arbeit, aber ich habe mit Ling420 stimme es nicht in Trance Lied. Doch ich werde es neun von zehn.

Semaphore responds:

yeah you're right it's not trance it's a hybrid of trance and Ambient =)

that's the reason it's in miscellaneous

thank you very much for this german rewiev alanalot =)

greetz Sema

Wow man..

I am not happy to admit it but, it made me kinda cry in a good way :D And I understand why you write it on german :) But man, keep up the good work. You have talent dude! It reminds me of the Cafe del Mar albums, a little ambient but also have a good drum rhythem later on. I have a question about which instruments you use though :) I have been looking for a good piano.


Semaphore responds:

I really appreciate your opinion Chris

I put much effort and heart in this one =)

this song is completely made of NEXUS Instrumets

I think NEXUS is the first choice for your music too =)

because you can get a nice solution without mastering and the handling is really easy

I really want to make collab like thundertree again =)

Cheers Ric

Again, nice one!

I like it! It was great to listen to while reading manga ;]
Looks like you're getting better and better, eh?

Oh, and it really isn't trance. It's between trance and ambient, like ling said. Maybe you should put it in misc?

Semaphore responds:

I hope I getting better =D

yeah I drift always in that ambient style =)

thank you very much Rychlas

It's "reversible"...

I'm not entirely sure I'd call this trance. It's not quite hard enough; I think I'd go more with ambient. Nonetheless, it's good, although I think it could have been made a bit more complex. Judging it as trance, it's too slow and does not really pick up - but judging it as ambient, it's soft and smooth. Quite good.

Semaphore responds:

I know what you mean especially at the end it's really soft

that's my bad

it's in misc now =)

thank you very much for your critic Ling420

I can has moar?

Luff it! reminds me of Enya - sail away remix 10/10!

Semaphore responds:

me too

but don't know why

thank you very much for the 10 Maverlyn =)