Reviews for "Spiegel der Vergangenheit"


He may not play league but i do,

Generalgoatsie yo.

Semaphore responds:

????? ^^

thanks for your support ^^


PRO. that was sex in my ears!

Semaphore responds:

amen ^^


A very nice german feel to it. Germans always did do the nicest music :D

Semaphore responds:

thanl you very much ^^

dou you play League of Legends or CoD? ^^

i like it alot cool song bro

check out my song XxDancingInTheOceanxX

Semaphore responds:

thanl you very much XxCm4nxX =)

Mag ich

Das lied ist echt super geworden. Ich finde es sehr entspannend am Anfang... echt klasse ^.^

Semaphore responds:

danke dir ^^