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Reviews for "Four Second Fury"

Man i loved it!

This is going straight to my favs...it was amazing...rly amazing! And thanx for using my loop for it too! I'm honored!

jmtb02 responds:

Your loop rocked man! It was two nights before release, I had already spent a few hours looking for good boss music, when I randomly clicked a page in the metal section, and your loop was there. I listened to it and said YES, that is it. You have a very driving style to your music, which was perfect for the game.

Anyway, thanks for your musical contribution, Ill be looking at your other stuff for the future. Glad you liked the game :)!


Fun Fun. =)

Excellent. W00t, currently high score. Time to beat my 144 seconds.

Really slick game

This game was incredible! Ite minigames were rapid fire and easy to understand. My favorite was "Don't touch anything." The only problem I was was in "Swat 8" you could hold down the spacebar and move over the people. Besides that this game was great, a little short but I can see how it would be difficult to code each individual game with individual controls. My only suggestion would be to make the next one longer.

Congrats on a job well done and keep up the good work.


XD i beat it in 186 seconds!

-- This close to victory

I allmost killed the last guy that trows games at you... He killed threw me that god damned " Dont touch " game and i touched so i can shoot him ... he had -- this low hp xDDDD
I <3 This game 100/10